Nuclear Physics Laboratory of the University of Cyprus has initiated a pilot project aiming at measuring the terrestrial gamma radiation in Cyprus and at determining its contribution to the annual effective dose equivalent to the population.

Other part of the project includes measurement of radon concentration in houses and public buildings as well as the detection of alpha-emitting radionuclides by utilizing radioanalytical techniques and high-resolution alpha- spectrometry.

The Natural Gamma Radioactivity map and the Radon map of Cyprus have become available for the first time.


Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Alpha Ray Spectroscopy

In Situ Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy In Situ Gamma Ray SpectroscopyIndoor Radon Measurments

Indoor Radon Measurments

This work is conducted with financial support from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (Grant No. 45/2001).


  Nuclear Physics Laboratory, University of Cyprus