Research Scientist, University of Cyprus (HADES Collaboration, GSI, Germany), April 2006-present

  Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Duke University, July 2004-April 2006

  Ph.D. in Nuclear Experimental Physics, Ohio University, June 2004 

    Thesis title:  Astrophysically Important States in 18Ne and 26Si via (3He,ngamma) Reactions

    Thesis advisor:  Dr. S.M. Grimes, Distinguished Professor of Physics

  M.S. in Physics, Ohio University, 1999

  B.S. in Physics (summa cum laude), Ohio University, 1998



Postdoctoral Research Scientist at NPUCY-GSI, 2006-present

  Participate in experiments at GSI for the HADES Collaboration

Dilepton analysis of 12C+12C collisions at 1A GeV

Simulations of 12C+12C collisions at 1A GeV with the UrQMD, HGEANT, PLUTO packages


Postdoctoral Research Scientist at TUNL-HIGS, 2004-2006

  Licensed operator for the 10-MV Tandem Accelerator (TUNL)

  Participate in low energy (<50 MeV) experiments at HIGS (High Intensity Gamma Source):

    (a)  Compton scattering of polarized gamma-rays by 3He (M. Blackston et al.,Duke),

    (b)  Three-body breakup of polarized 3He (K. Kramer et al.,Duke),

    (c)  Nuclear Resonance Fluorescence experiments: (i) M. Boswell et al.(UNC), (ii) C. Fransen  et al.,(Cologne-Darmstadlt), (iii) N. Pietralla et. al. (Stony Brook) 

  Lead scientist for the 3He(4He,gamma)7Be reaction measurements (cross section, reaction rates, DC model) which are of fundamental importance   in solar nuclear 

    astrophysics (TUNL)

  Advisor: Mentored an REU (sponsored by DOE) student (A. Anderson) on a project about the 3He(4He,gamma)7Be reaction (presented at the APS April Meeting 2005)

  Energy dependence of the astrophysical S-factor for the 11B(d,n) reaction at TUNL, R. Prior (NGCSU)

  13C(alpha,n) cross section measurements at TUNL for the needs of KAMLAND Collaboration (Japan-US)


Research Assistant at OUAL, 1998-2004

  Licensed operator for the 4.5-MV Tandem Accelerator (OUAL)

  Worked with p, d, 3He, 4He, 6Li, 10B continuous and pulsed beams, sputter ion and duoplasmation source

  Practical experience with vacuum systems, foil and gas targets, and thermoelectric coolers 

  Mounted and tested neutron detectors (liquid scintillators), experience with HPGe and NaI detectors

  Electronics: NIM and CAMAC

  Developed analysis and control routines for DAQ (Data Acquisition System)

  Participated and contributed in the following experimental work of OUAL Collaboration:

    (a) Low Energy Reaction Modes of 6Li and 10B on 27Al (J. Oldendick et al.),

    (b) Level Density of 28Si, 40Ti, 52Cr and 60Ni from Eriscon Flunctuations (A. Salas et al.),

    (c) Spectroscopy Using Charged Particles (R. Wheeler et al.),

    (d) Neutron Radiography (J. Hall et al, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory),

    (e) Background Neutron Production from t(p,n) and t(d,n) (A. Plompen et al., EC-JRC-JRMM, Belgium),

    (f) Neutron Transmission Spectra Through Iron Spheres (A. Carlson et al., National Institute of Standards and Technology),

    (g) Test of Integral Neutron Detector (B. Czirr et al., Photogenics),

    (h) Augular Distribution of p(n,n)p at 15 MeV (A. Carlson et al., National Institute of Standards and Technology),

    (i) Branching Ratio Measurements of the 7.12 MeV State in 16O (C. Brune et al.)

  Optical model calculations: search for optical model parameters, S-matrix elements, angle-integrated reaction elastic and total cross section, transmission coefficients

  Multistep Hauser-Feshbach calculations: differential cross sections for compound nuclei and exit channels, level density parameters

  Astrophysical reaction rates calculations


Teaching Assistant, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 1998-2000

  Conducted undergraduate labs

  Evaluated student performance (Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrodynamics)

  Supervised and graded exams

Conducted help sessions for undergraduate and graduate level physics          


Computer Skills

  Proficient in DOS, Linux, Windows operating systems

  Extensive proficiency in FORTRAN  and Latex, but also programmed in C and C++, HTML

  Performed analysis with ROOT, PAW, ORIGIN

  Calculations with MAPLE and MATHEMATICA



  Greek (native)




  The American Physical Society

  European Science Foundation


Research Interests

  Nuclear astrophysics and solar nuclear astrophysics

  Neutron cross sections with time-of-flight techniques

  Heavy ion collisions at relativistic energies