Part I Techniques and Experiments in Nuclear Physics

Instructor: Haralabos Tsertos



  1. The General Method of Least Squares

  2. Interaction of Charged Particles with Matter - The TRIM Code

  3. Basic Nuclear Electronics

  1. High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Particles

    1. Surface-Barrier Si Detectors

    2. The Data Acquisition and Analysis Program MAESTRO

    3. Calibration of the Detector System

    4. Acquisition and analysis of Energy Spectra from Sources

  2. High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Rays

    1. The Intrinsic Ge(i) Detector

    2. Calibration of the Detection System

    3. Acquisition and Analysis of Spectra from Radioactive Sources

    4. Determination of the Detector Efficiency as a Function of Energy


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